About Us

More than 65 years ago, Joseph Gabriel started his business with one goal in mind: to assist small Connecticut businesses with tax and payroll services so that they could focus on their businesses. Originally started as an accounting firm, Joseph quickly realized that companies also needed payroll assistance to help manage constantly changing tax laws and avoid unnecessary IRS audits. In 1984, as a response to this need, Computer Payroll Services, LLC, was born.

In 1988, Joseph passed control of the payroll division to his son, Thomas Gabriel. More than 25 years later, Thomas still operates Computer Payroll Services, LLC, with the same philosophy and personalized care that his father did years ago.

Who We Serve

Computer Payroll Services, LLC, assists and serves companies of all sizes and categories, including churches, unions, jewelers, and photographers. Our knowledge of payroll and taxes within the food service industry has helped us become the preferred provider for the Pan Gregorian™ consortium of restaurants and diners in the state.

Our Clients Include

• Restaurants
• Home Improvement Businesses

• Law Firms & Offices
• Physicians & Dentists

• Educational Institutions
• Maid & Cleaning Services
• Nail & Hair Salons
• Automotive Services
Contact us at (203) 367-7734 in Bridgeport, Connecticut, for in-depth accounting services customized to meet your specific needs.